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Content Management


The KickStart® line of web content management (WCM) systems was designed to enable your organization to skillfully take control over your website. The entire product line has been designed to simplify the complexities behind managing your organization's websites. The focus of our design and usability efforts are targeted specifically at content authors and contributors, the critical mass of any organization's content production.

If you have ever logged in to your WCM and found yourself at a loss for how to make updates or have received calls from team members with this problem, you may benefit from a KickStart® implementation.

Content Publishing

KickStart® allows you to determine users' role by the activity they can perform and the areas of your website you would like for them to work within. This capability enables the implementation of several content publishing models.

Distributed Publishing: empowers different individuals and teams to create and maintain various areas of the public website.

Centralized Publishing: requires content across the entire website to be published by a centralized team.

Distributed Authoring w/ Centralized Publishing: Content for a website is produced by different individuals and teams across the organization but is reviewed and published by a central team.

Content Management

Content Ownership: KickStart® clearly defines content ownership as well as the history of ownership for a particular webpage, gallery, and form. This ensures that responsibility over content is clear across the entire website. The system also enables the separation of content ownership roles from publishing roles. We understand that the people who maintain the accuracy and freshness of content may not be the same people who use the system to publish the content online. KickStart® also enables you to define the difference between individuals who author content to those who exercise editorial and approval rights over that content.

Review and Approval Workflow: KickStart® allows you to define your own guidelines for how content is approved within your organization, allowing you to use your existing content-approval structures versus adapting it to work with a WCM.

Content Versioning: From the moment a webpage is created to the moment it is removed from the website, KickStart® maintains a copy of every unique version of the webpage. Administrators may review the entire life long history of the page, reading the editors' comments, and viewing the contents of the page at each editing iteration.


Style and Usage Controls: Maintaining the integrity of your websites' look can be difficult when various people are contributing content over time. We help everyone who works on your website fight this battle by coupling each deployment with several style and usage controls. These controls serve as reminders and tools that help each content creator / editor understand and maintain the appropriate look and feel for the website.

Template Support: KickStart® Basic, Professional, and Enterprise CMS offer template support, a feature that will help you ensure that attractive, navigatable, and well-branded pages are used consistently across the website. For the end user, template support delivers a more consistent and cohesive experience.

Intuitive Supplemental Controls: Extending multimedia and document support functions in an intuitive and easy to understand way was a core design requirement for KickStart®. You can be assured that the people who contribute content to your website do not need to be experienced content managers or developers to easily supplement web content with multimedia, feedback loops, and documents.

Standards Compliant: Regardless of who the end user is, you can be sure that the tools they use to create pages, build galleries, etc. comply with the latest standards for website programming. KickStart® itself only produces standards compliant code, without the use of proprietary languages, and is buillt on ASP .NET and C#. 

More Than a Tool

When you choose KickStart®, you get more than a tool. We know that good tools only go so far. Every KickStart® implementation comes with personalized training, ongoing support, and upgrades for the life of your relationship with us. This is another way that we ensure that you get the greatest value out of your relationship with us.

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